Saturday, September 17, 2005

Flying lesson #2

I had my second flying lesson today. The weather was almost perfect, with just a little termic turbulence. The visibility was almost unlimited.

This time I practiced a little of various kinds of turns. Shallow turns, steep turns, climbing turns, descending turns, turns with extended flaps etc. When making turns, one of the differencies compared to gliders (and fighters) are that you are placed side by side in the cockpit in this aircraft. This causes the horizon to take different positions depending on if you make a right or left turn. A bit confusing now in the beginning, but I suppose I'll get used to it.

Steep turns (60 degrees banking angle) are fun, because you can feel some g-forces. But I don't know how often you'll use it in regular flight.

I also practiced four landings and take-offs. To make it convenient to practice several landings/take-offs a technique called "touch and go" is commonly used. This means that you make a regular approach and landing. But you never come to a full stop on the runway. Instead you give full throttle once you have slowed down, and make a new take-off. Then you make a new traffic pattern (see the figure), starting with a very short crosswind leg.

Total logged time: 1.2 hours (accumulated: 2.3 hours)
Total costs: SEK 860 (accumulated: SEK 1690)


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