Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No news is good news?

As I promised, I posted my application for the "Elevtillstånd" last Friday. And I also went to the police office to request the personal investigation. This request was obviously not an everyday thing. First they couldn't find the form. And when they found it and gave it to me, I asked if I should mail it somewhere or just give the form back for them. To this, they didn't have an answer. But after some telephone calls they managed to find out that they should take it, and even where they should send it. So I feel rather confident that it will be processed correctly.

I don't really know why this investigation is needed. But I suppose it's like some kind of check that I don't appear in too many criminal records. This shouldn't pose any problems. As far as I know there shouldn't be any negative data at all in their records. Not even a speeding ticket!

The worst thing about this investigation is that it will take a couple of weeks. I hope that the aviation authorities will start processing my application before receiving the papers from the police. But they probably won't...


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