Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ground class begins

Ground class started yesterday. We will be a group of six, of which half will go for ultralight and half for PPL (Private Pilot License). We will take most of the classes together, but the navigation part (and something else, which I can't relly remember right now) will be held in separate parts for UL and PPL.

Yesterday was mostly information about everything. A bit chaotic when all instructors tried to talk at the same time, but I think I got most of the relevant information. Good news is that I won't have to buy so many books and other material. I have some stuff left from when I studied for a PPL, of which most is still accurate. I will however buy new maps and a couple of books.

I tried to call the aviation authorities today, but apparently all of the licensing administrators were gone for some business trip until friday. So I guess nothing will happen there for a while. That's a bit unfortunate, since I am not allowed to start taking flying lessons until I have a go from them (I may take some lessons labelled "trial lesson" or something, but I can't have too many of those). And soon it will start getting dark early in the afternoons, limiting the possible time for flying lessons to just a few hours during the day.


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