Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Say again

Yesterday was yet another occurence of the ground class. Still about radio communications. The class is a bit slow-paced and repetitous in my opinion. This may of course be because I have studied the subject twice before this. There is also the issue of this being the first subject, so there are a lot of questions raised regarding very unrelated stuff. It appears that not everyone knows the fundamentals of flying and navigation, so for us who have some previous knowledge it easily becomes a bit tedious to listen to explanations about for example that the compass is divided into 360 points.

I noticed that there is some bad weather moving in tonight, so I tried to call my flight instructor to see if it was possible to have a flying lesson this evening. However, I failed to reach him. Hopefully the bad weather won't be staying for so long...

Still no news from the authorities.


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