Friday, September 02, 2005

A new letter from the police

Today I got another letter from the police. This time my reaction was more like "Oh, no! What did I do wrong this time?". But believe it or not, this letter was a confirmation that the investigation was finished and the result has been sent to the aviation authorities. That was a real surprise. On sending in my new set of forms it must have been taken care of right away instead of the normal waiting time.

So now it's all in the hands of the aviation autorities. I think I'll give them a call next week to check that they now have everything they need. With a bit of luck, that could even speed up the process a little by having them retrieve my papers...

I have noticed that I have some american readers of this blog. Please feel welcome! I hope you can find some interesting reading here. I do apologize for my non-perfect english.

And this week my thoughts are with the people of New Orleans. It is with great sorrow I read the reports and watches the terrible images from this disaster. :-(


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