Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Flying lesson and ground class examination

A couple of months have passed since I got my student permit. I have been terribly busy, with several business trips, a skiing trip, the flu and a lot of work. And besides that, the new aircraft hasn't been ready until quite recently.

Today we were going to have a practice exam of the ground class (at least that was what I thought). This was a good opportunity to take up the flying lessons again. I called my teacher Mats and scheduled a lesson an hour before the exam.

The weather was almost perfect for a nice flying lesson. The only negative parts were some clouds in the distance obscuring the horizon. And the new aircraft was really nice. It is equipped with a large EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) replacing the old iron instruments. I'm used to this from the simulators at work, and I think it's a good idea. I hope the reliability is good though, because there aren't any redundant instruments...

We practiced some turns, stalls and some quite basic stuff. With a new aircraft and new instrumentation it was quite good with some repetition.

When we had landed it was time for the practice exam. However, by some lack of communication, I hade missed the fact that it wasn't really a practice exam. It was the real thing. Oops. Maybe I should have studied a little... Fortunately the exam wasn't too hard, so I passed. I would have preffered a better result, but it isn't that important.

Total logged time: 0.9 hours (accumulated: 3.2 hours)
Total cost: SEK 644 (accumulated: 6584)
(I need to verify these sums)


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