Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm still here

I haven't posted anything here for a long while. That doesn't mean I have given up or something. However, I'm still waiting for my "elevtillstånd". I called the authorities the other day to check if something was stalling the process.
The answer I got was that the results from my eye exam hadn't been sent to their eye specialist until November 8 (I don't know why they waited for almost a whole month before sending it). The expected time with the eye specialist was "less than a month". After that I don't know what will happen.

But besides the uncertainty, the delay is currently not a huge problem. The flying club has just sold their sole ultralight aircraft. And a replacement won't be available until February. So even if I had my permission, I wouldn't be able to take any flying lessons. And besides that, we're going away on vacation for almost the entire month of December.


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