Tuesday, October 11, 2005

An eye exam

I managed to get a time with the eye specialist today. In Norrköping. Sometimes I wonder why we don't live in Norrköping. It seems like I go there every day...

The eye exam showed no new anomalies to my eyes. And I got confirmation on that my quite new eyeglasses are good. I do actually have more than perfect vision with them on (1.5 on the best eye). It's a bit frustrating to know that I could wear a couple of glasses with correction well within the regulated limits for PPL and still have vision above the required level. Unfortunately that's not the way the rules work.

The results from the exam is in the mail to Luftfartsstyrelsen. So now the waiting begins again. A rough estimate of the waiting time is one month. I suppose it will take longer. But the most important thing is of course that my permission is granted eventually.

The cost of the eye exam was SEK 1500.

I have also forgot to add the cost of the ground class (SEK 2750) which I paid last week. So now my accumulated costs are SEK 5940.


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