Monday, January 09, 2006

Some Progress

Last week i contacted the authorities once again to find out why nothing had happened yet. But this time something had actually happened. As I understood it, my application has been accepted. But since all procedures have taken so long time, I need to renew my medical examination before the permission is issued. Otherwise my permission wouldn't last more than a couple of months, which is probably not enough time for me to finish the flight training.

The authorities had actually sent me a letter about this some days ago. But obviously they hadn't updated my address in their records. So the letter was sent to my previous address, and hence delayed for a week.

This renewed medical examination is a simple procedure, basically just a form to fill out and some minor tests, like blood pressure etc. Any medical doctor is allowed to perform that examination. But since my company have a couple of authorized medical examiners (AME), I thought it would be easiest to see one of them. They should know more about the required procedures than a random doctor. However, the company doctors wanted to charge me 8-900 SEK, which I think is just a little too much for filling out a form. Instead I called Anders Svensson, an excellent AME who made my initial medical examination almost five years ago. I will see him this thursday.


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